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My Collection


My Collection

Kyle Ponterio  |  Santa Ana, CA  |  |  World and Ancient Coins, emphasis on cut & countermark and siege issues

Career Achievements & Qualifications: Cataloged The Ray Czahor Collection of Philippines countermarks, The Lennart Philipson collection of Swedish coins, The Chester Skotak Collection of Central America, The Wa She Wong Collection of Chinese and Hong Kong coins, The Chin Family collection of Chinese coins, The Demarete Collection, The E.E. Clain-Stefanelli Collection as well as many others.

Personal: When I was growing up I did not fully understand what it was that my father actually did for a living.  I knew he dealt in coins, but did not understand what that really meant.  Years later after I was much more involved in the business did I begin to understand that it was not just coins that my father was dealing with, but physical objects directly tied to the history of our world.  Both my brother and myself are third generation coin dealers, but not in the traditional sense of being third generation.  Our father Richard H. Ponterio has had an interest in numismatics since he was a child and became a coin dealer when he realized that he could make more money dealing in coins than he could from being in the US Navy.  Then after his father James E. Ponterio retired from being a Doctor he moved to California and began working for our Father Richard Ponterio.  While my brother was in High School he began working for our father and his job turned into a career that he loves.  When I began working for my father in 2005 I had very little interest in learning about coins and was only working a job.  When I finally realized that coins were not just a piece of metal with a design on it used to pay for something that my passion for numismatics emerged.  Now I spend many hours researching to further my knowledge and understanding of the various nuances of numismatics and want to share my findings with the rest of the numismatic community. | Call 917-692-3830 or text 929-265-7332

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