About Us

We are a group of coin industry professionals with hundreds of years of experience between us.  You can visit our old coin expert page to view a list of all of the various people who helped build and develop the coin information on our website.  If you aren’t sure who to contact, then you can send a message to our general inquiry email at Info@Coinappraiser.com.

old coin expert

Our old coin expert can assist you in three different ways:

Direct Purchases – Just send us some photos of your coins and we can make an offer.  We buy and sell millions of dollars worth of coins on an annual basis.  We would be happy to make a fair market offer on a single coin or entire collection.

Auction Consignment – We can advise how much we think your coins would sell for at a major coin auction.  If you aren’t comfortable selling your coins directly or are in a situation in which you are required to auction the coins, then we can provide advice on how to get as much money as possible.

Appraisals – While not many people will need a formal appraisal, we do provide IRS compliant coin appraisals. Our old coin expert will sit down and look through your collection to provide you with the most detailed appraisal possible.