Bickford Dollar With Brass Center

Approximate Current Value: $25

Diameter: 28.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: NA / 0
Weight: NA
Metal: Bimetallic
I Own 1897 So Called Dollars Monetary Issue

So-Called Dollar Value Guide: Value of 1897 HK-835 Bickford Dollar With Brass Center Dollar

Value of 1897 HK-835 Bickford Dollar With Brass Center

This So-Called Dollar is given the catalog number HK-835

The obverse text on this So-Called Dollar reads This combination coin will when adopted be good in all Nations, heal all difference between Gold & Silver men and fully settle all financial questions approved by all Good Business men, Republican Internat.l Dollar, Gold and Silver and the reverse text is Here is sown the value of our dollar in the coin of different nations of the World, Yen 1.1, Sterling 4.2, Francs 5.20, Kronen 3.80, Gulden 2.8, Marken 4.16, Guilder 2.50, Rouble 9.65, Invented and protected by Dana Bickford, Republican Internat.L Dollar. The front side of the coin shows center text held within a gold circle, four lines of text expanding outward in a circular orientation with a tombstone shape at the bottom holding three lines of text. The backside of the coin depicts text once again showing on the center gold circle, surrounded by linked circles and wider circular text.

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