Geo. L. Cook New Mexico Post-War Tokens

Approximate Current Value: $65

Diameter: 21.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: NA / NA
Weight: NA
Metal: Brass
I Own 1870 New Mexico Post-War Tokens

History, Information, and Value of the1870 Geo. L. Cook New Mexico Post-War Tokens

Value of the 1870 Geo. L. Cook New Mexico Post-War Tokens

This Token Came From – Fort Wingate, New Mexico

The obverse text on the token reads “Geo. L. Cook Post Trader Ft. Wingate N.M.” The reverse text on this token reads “Good For 10 cts In Trade.” The obverse depicts four lines of text in the center. The reverse of the token shows three lines of text, with the center line showing the value.

These types of token can be very hard to identify because of their “home-made” quality and their inconsistency. Our website, as comprehensive as it is, still may not include your token because of the sheer quantity by which these Post-War Tokens were produced. If you think that you may own a Post-War Token, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts and they would be happy to assist you. We are rare token dealers.