N.J. Hyman California Post-War Tokens

Approximate Current Value: $71

Diameter: 32.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: NA / NA
Weight: NA
Metal: Copper
I Own 1876 California Post-War Tokens

History, Information, and Value of the 1876 N.J. Hyman California Post-War Tokens

Value of the1876 N.J. Hyman California Post-War Tokens

This Token Came From – San Francisco, California

The obverse text on the token reads “N.J Hyman S.F. Cal Importer of Watches & Fine Jewelry French English Japanese & Chinese Fancy Goods & C. 205. Kearney St.” The reverse text on this token reads “N.J. Hyman S.F. Cal Sole Agent For Hyman’s English Black Garnet Jewelry Wholesale & Retail 205 Kerany St.” The obverse depicts the entire field covered by lines of text . The reverse of the token shows lines of text covering the entire field.

These types of token can be very hard to identify because of their “home-made” quality and their inconsistency. Our website, as comprehensive as it is, still may not include your token because of the sheer quantity by which these Post-War Tokens were produced. If you think that you may own a Post-War Token, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts and they would be happy to assist you. We are rare token dealers.