New Orleans, LA, Quarter of Spanish Reales

Approximate Current Value: $4,000

Diameter: NA
Mintage/Proof: NA / NA
Weight: NA
Metal: Silver
I Own 1811 Louisiana Hard Times Tokens

History, Information, and Value of New Orleans, LA, Quarter of Spanish Reales

Value of New Orleans, Louisiana, Quarter of Spanish Reales Hard Times Token

This Token Came From – Planter’s Bank

This token typically receives the Hard Times Designation of HT-126.

The obverse text reads “P.B” and the reverse text reads “Nouvelle Orleans.” The obverse and reverse of the token are both rather plane with just a few pieces of text and a small eagle illustration on the reverse. This token is not a circle.

In general, tokens can be very hard to identify. The minting process was very inconsistent, so there were often several varieties of one coin. If you own a Hard Times Medal and are unable to identify which one you might own, please contact one of our experts for assistance. We are rare token experts and have the knowledge and understanding needed to give you a good estimate on what your token is worth.