1739 Porto Bello Taken Medal

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Diameter: 37.5 mm
Mintage/Proof: NA / NA
Weight: 13. 6 grams
Metal: Various
I Own 1739 Betts Admiral Vernon Medals (1739-1741)

History, Information, and Value of 1739 Porto Bello Taken Medal

Value of 1739 Porto Bello Taken Medal

This medal celebrated Admiral Edward Vernon overtaking Porto Bello, a vital Spanish port in Panama. Vernon overtook the harbor with six ships, as he had boasted to Parliament. The English celebrated the victory with many similarly designed medals. The obverse depicts full-length image of Vernon facing left, his baton in his left hand and his right hand extended. Behind displays a ship on the right and a fort on the left. Around the image states, “The British: Glory Reviv D. by Admiral Vernon”. In the left field is written, “A view of Fort Chagre”. Reverse depicts the attack on Porto Bello. Six ships, five facing to the left, and one on the right are depicted sailing into the harbor. The tall buildings in the harbor point towards the legend, which reads, “He took Porto Bello with six ships only” and in exergue, “Nov. 22, 1739.” While dated 1739, this medal was struck later.