1876 Centennial Medal

Approximate Current Value: $70

Diameter: 101.4 mm
Mintage/Proof: /
Weight: 441.7 grams
Metal: Bronze
I Own 1876 Julian Professional Medals (1823-1890)

History, Information, and Value of 1876 Centennial Award Medal

Value of 1876 Centennial Award Medal

This medal was the Centennial Award. It sought to show Columbia, who is seated on the obverse, as the goddess of this award. The small circles around her represent Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. There is no legend, but merely the signature of the artist on the obverse. The reverse displays a wreath surrounding and surrounded by the legend which reads, “INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, PHILADELPHIA MDCCCLXXVI; AWARDED BY THE UNITED STATES CENTENNIAL COMMISSION.” According to records there were 12,000 medals struck total.