Value of Julian Professional Medals (1823-1890)

Professional Medals

The category of Agricultural, Mechanical, Scientific, and Professional Medals tends to overlap with other categories as well. We have this listed as Professional Medals to cover all depictions on the medals. There are medals included here that are purely agricultural and could be in their own category. But, for the purpose of refining the sections, these are all lumped together. These medals tend to include medals that were produced by third-party organizations rather than just the Mint, so you may find that there is a wide variety of medals in this category.

If you believe that you own one of these medals, please reach out to our experts to have them price your item. These coins tend to be difficult to price without help from a professional since they are such unique items. We are always happy to assist you in any way possible and we will make you an offer in line with current market prices.