1876 United States Centennial Medal

Approximate Current Value: $258

Diameter: 57.0 mm
Mintage/Proof: /
Weight: NA
Metal: Various
I Own 1876 Julian Commemorative Medals (1808-1892)

History, Information, and Value of 1876 United States Centennial Medal

<h3Value of 1876 United States Centennial Medal

This version of the United States Centennial Medals were struck for the Centennial anniversary. According to 1877 records there were 7,000 large bronze medals and 2,100 large copper medals struck alongside 583 white metals and only 1 known gold medal. The obverse displays Liberty distributing wreaths to Industry and Art. The legend around reads, “1876; IN COMMEMORATION OF THE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. ACT OF CONGRESS JUNE 1874.” The reverse portrays Liberty with left arm stretched towards the heavens and stars holding a sword in her right. The legend reads, “1776; THESE UNITED COLONIES ARE, AND OF RIGHT OUGHT TO BE, FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES.”