Bronze Femal Bust with Bison and Cowboy

Approximate Current Value: $15

Diameter: 34.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: NA / 0
Weight: NA
Metal: Bronze
I Own 1898 So Called Dollars Commemorative and Exposition

So-Called Dollar Value Guide: Value of 1898 HK-282 Bronze Femal Bust with Bison and Cowboy Dollar

Value of 1898 HK-282 Bronze Femal Bust with Bison and Cowboy

This So-Called Dollar is given the catalog number HK-282

The obverse text on this So-Called Dollar reads Trans-Mississippi Exposition Omaha 1898 and the reverse text is 1848. The front side of the coin shows a female figure facing the left with the date below her neck and descriptive text surrounding her head, woman’s hair is pulled back in a bun. The backside of the coin depicts a man riding a horse and carrying a spear in his right hand, stabbing a buffalo that is leaping towards the left, date is below where the line of grass ends, all inside of a beaded border.

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