Erie Canal Completion in Silver

Approximate Current Value: $2,000

Diameter: 45.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: 5 / 0
Weight: NA
Metal: Silver
I Own 1826 So Called Dollars Commemorative and Exposition

So-Called Dollar Value Guide: Value of 1826 HK-1000 Erie Canal Completion in Silver Dollar

Value of 1826 HK-1000 Erie Canal Completion in Silver

This So-Called Dollar is given the catalog number HK-1000

The obverse text on this So-Called Dollar reads Erie Canal Comm. 4 July 1817 Comp. 26 Oct 1825, Excelsior, C.C. Wright SC 1826, Presented by the City of New York and the reverse text is Union of Erie with the Atlantic. The front side of the coin shows an eagle holding half of a globe in its arms, with a shield below, a ship to the right floating in front of the city in the background, water running horizontally through the medal with arching text above, a banner and plaque text below. The backside of the coin depicts two figures sitting side by side, one figure has devil horns and goat legs, but the torso and head of a man, while the other appears to be fully man and dressed as Neptune, water is in the background with a cornucopia as their chair, text arches above with microscopic writing below.

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