Jackson in Jacket as President Hard Times Tokens

Approximate Current Value: $750

Diameter: 27.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: NA / NA
Weight: NA
Metal: Brass
I Own 1834 Andrew Jackson Hard Times Tokens (1832-1834)

History, Information, and Value of Jackson in Jacket as President Hard Times Token

Value of Jackson in Jacket as President Hard Times Token

With slight variations compared to the earlier tokens, the Jackson in Jacket at President Hard Times Token is a nice brass example with a corrected reverse. The previous Jackson in Jacket token mistakenly said that Jackson was elected in 1829 as opposed to 1828. On this new token, the date of the election has been corrected. High grade examples of this coin can typically bring around $750. This token typically receives the Hard Times Designation of HT-5.

The obverse text reads “Andrew jackson President” and the reverse text reads “Elected AD 1828 Re. Elected AD 1832. We CommemoAT The Glorious Victories Of Our Hero In War & Peace.” The obverse of the token has a portrait of Andrew Jackson, and the reverse has inscribed text with two stars.

In general, tokens can be very hard to identify. The minting process was very inconsistent, so there were often several varieties of one coin. If you own a Hard Times Medal and are unable to identify which one you might own, please contact one of our experts for assistance. We are rare token experts and have the knowledge and understanding needed to give you a good estimate on what your token is worth.