Value of 1993 $5 American Gold Eagle Coin

Approximate Current Value: $125

Diameter: 16.50 mm
Mintage/Proof: 210709 / 58649
Weight: 3.39 grams
Metal: Gold
I Own 1993 American Gold Eagle AGE (1986-Present)

Information and History of 1993 $5 Gold Coins

Value of 1993 Five Dollar Gold Coin

The 1993 $5 gold coin is pretty much just valued for its bullion. All that means is that the value of the coin will change based on the current value of gold. This coin weighs a tenth of an ounce. So you can divide the current price of gold by ten to get the precious metal value of this coin. Collectors refer to these as AGE or American Gold Eagles. The United States Mint issues these coins every year. The only change is just the year; all the other design elements are the same year to year. The coin can be made in 1993, 2003, or any other year – you will always see the same features.

The 1993 tenth ounce coin has text that shows: 1993 – Liberty – United States of America – E Pluribus Unum – In God We Trust – 1/10 OZ. Fine Gold ~ 5 Dollars – MB JW. The front or obverse of the coin pictures a woman (Lady Liberty) holding a branch. The back or reverse of the coin has a flying eagle.

1993-P $5 Gold American Eagle Proof: If you look above you can see where there were 58,649 $5 proof gold coins struck by the U.S. Mint in 1993. The only difference between a proof coin and a regular strike coin is the P mint mark below the year. Proofs have the P. The two types of coins are the same otherwise.

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