Value of American Gold Eagle AGE (1986-Present)

The American Gold Eagle (AGE) coin series was started in 1986 and it is still active today. The coins are sold new directly by The U.S. Mint and by its authorized resellers. There is also a very active secondary market for non-current year AGEs. Collectors can buy a complete set of a tenth, quarter, half, and full ounce gold bullion coins. The coins can also be bought individually. Each coin is 22 karat gold. Silver and copper makes up the remaining weight. American Gold Eagles can be graded or ungraded. They are also made as proofs and regular strikes. Graded coins are marketed in a number of different ways. Some of those include first strike designations, early release designations, and other special qualifiers. American Gold Eagles, no matter the denomination, are generally considering the most desirable modern bullion product sold by any country. So you can expect to pay an additional premium over the spot price of gold because of their preference.

It is important to remember that no AGE coin is really rare. Most years and denominations were minted well into the hundreds of thousands. All of these coins are released and intended to be kept as bullion investments. The original supply is always going to be the same even as the coins themselves get older. Their value is strictly just based on the current price of gold.

We buy all American Gold Eagle coins. We pay the full gold spot value for each coin. So if you have a one ounce coin and the price of gold is $1,300, then we will pay you $1,300 for your coin. We also have a large supply of AGEs available for sale. Most are priced just a few percentage points above the value of gold. Please contact us when you are looking to buy or sell any type of gold coin.