Value of 2010 $1 Boy Scout of America Silver Commemorative

Approximate Current Value: $14

Diameter: 38.10 mm
Mintage/Proof: 105000 / 244963
Weight: 26.73 grams
Metal: Silver
I Own 2010 Silver $1 Commemorative Coins (1983-Present)

Information and History of $1 2010 Boy Scouts of America Silver Coin

Value of 2010 $1 Boy Scouts of America Silver Commemorative

The 2010 $1 Silver Boy Scouts of America Commemorative Coin shows three ages of Boy Scouts all saluting. This coin is in celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the beginning of the Boy Scout program. Over 110 million people have participated in the Boy Scouts since its inception in 1910. This coin was minted at the Philadelphia Mint.
Obverse: Continuing the Journey – In God We Trust – Liberty – 1910 2010 | Reverse: United States of America – Boy Scouts of America – E Pluribus Unum – One Dollar – Be Prepared