Value of 2012 American Silver Eagle $1 Coin

Approximate Current Value: $20

Diameter: 40.60 mm
Mintage/Proof: 33742000 / 1384458
Weight: 31.10 grams
Metal: Silver
I Own 2012 American Silver Eagle ASE (1986-Present)

Price Guide and Information About 2012 $1 Silver Coins

Value of 2012 American Silver Eagle

An American Silver Eagle, also called an ASE by some collectors, is a bullion coin minted by the U.S. mint. Each coin has a face value of just one dollar. However, these are bullion coins, which means that they contain precious metals. All 2012 American Silver Eagle coins are made up of one ounce of pure silver. Because of that silver content, each regular issue 2012 $1 silver coin usually trades for around $2 above or below the current price of an ounce of silver depending on if you are buying or selling. If you are thinking about selling, we pay the current spot price for non-proof American Silver Eagles. As an example, if the silver spot price is $20, then we will pay $20 per coin.

Each one dollar coin has the following text: 2012 – LIBERTY – In God We Trust – United States Of America – E Pluribus Unum – 1 OZ. Fine Silver One Dollar | The design is fairly simple. The front (or obverse) of the coin has a woman with the sun behind her. The back, which is also called the reverse, pictures an eagle, shield, and 13 stars.

If your 2012 American Silver eagle dollar has a W or S under the left side of the eagle then you have a proof version of the coin. Collectors refer to these as either 2012-W or 2012-S ASEs. A proof is more collectible and is definitely worth more than the silver value alone. Proofs account for just a small fraction of the production of silver eagles in 2012. Please contact us for an offer on your coin.