1760 Mexico Proclamation Medal

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Diameter: NA
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Metal: Silver
I Own 1760 Betts Proclamation Pieces of Charles III of Spain Medals (1760-1761)

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Value of 1760 Mexico Proclamation Medal

This medal proclaims Charles III as ruler over Mexico. Obverse depicts a bust of Charles III, facing to the right wearing only his wig tied back with a ribbon. The legend translates, “Charles III, King of Old and New Spain, proclaimed at Mexico” and in exergue the artist’s name, F. Casanova. F. The reverse states, “Emmanuel, Archbishop of Mexico, joyfully consenting, celebrated [the event] with sacred rites.” The exergue states the year, 1760. The reverse depicts a shield, upon which two keys cross and in the center stands the Virgin Mary. Above the shield to the left is a cross and to the right is an ornate crosier. Two ribbons dangle from either side of the shield.