1933 Assay Commission Medal

Approximate Current Value: $488

Diameter: 50.6 mm
Mintage/Proof: /
Weight: NA
Metal: Bronze
I Own 1933 Julian Assay Commission Medals (1860-1977)

History, Information, and Value of 1933 Assay Commission Medal

<h3Value of 1933 Assay Commission Medal

The Annual Assay Medal for 1933 displays the current Secretary of the Treasury, Ogden Mills on the obverse. Mills faces to the left and wears a suit and tie. The legend around his image states, “Secretary of the Treasury Ogden L. Mills” and the engraver’s name is visible below the truncation as “J.R. Sinncok”. The reverse displays the front of the United States Mint building in Philadelphia. The legend reads, “Mint of the United States Philadelphia PA” and in the exergue, “Annual Assay 1933”. Twenty-five medals were created for this year.