Porto Bello Taken Medal

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Metal: Brass
I Own 1739 Betts Admiral Vernon Medals (1739-1741)

History, Information, and Value of 1739 Porto Bello Taken Medal

Value of 1739 Porto Bello Taken Medal

This medal celebrated the accomplishment of Admiral Edward Vernon overtaking Porto Bello, a Spanish port in Panama that oversaw the shipping of gold and silver back to Europe. Vernon overtook the harbor with only six ships, as he had prophesied to Parliament. The English celebrated the victory with many similarly designed medals. The obverse of this medal features a half-length figure of Vernon, facing three-quarters to the left, baton in his left hand, his index finger pointing at the legend. The legend states, “Admiral Vernon took Porto Bello.” A four-dot star separates each word. Reverse, displays the three six ships sailing into the harbor. Legend reads, “With Six Ships Only, November 22, 1739.” One steeple from the town points at the end of the “s” in the legend.