Value of 1858-S $20 Gold Coin

Approximate Current Value: $

Diameter: 34.00 mm
Mintage/Proof: 846710 / 0
Weight: 33.40 grams
Metal: Gold
I Own 1858 Liberty Head Double Eagle (1849-1907)

History, Information, and Value of 1858-S Gold Liberty Double Eagle

Value of 1858-S $20 Gold Coin

The 1858-S $20 double eagle exhibits good overall quality, with an above average strike and notably clean surfaces for a San Francisco issue. Luster is typically appealing, as well, and many original examples remain that have managed to evade conservation and mishandling. Conditionally rare, the vast majority of surviving examples exist in Very Fine and Extremely Fine grades, with AU pieces slightly scarcer. Despite the seemingly liberal mintage, only two to three dozen Mint State pieces are available to collectors, the finest of which is an MS-63 (PCGS) from the collection of Bill Crawford.