Value of Lincoln Memorial Cents (1959-2008)

The Lincoln Memorial Cents came around in 1959 after Chief Engraver Frank Gasparro decided to change the design from the previous “Wheat Cent.” Keeping with the rich history of Lincoln adorning the obverse of the coin, Gasparro only changed the reverse to depict the Lincoln Memorial. Inside the Memorial, you can see the small statue of Lincoln sitting upon the throne. That is helpful to know because the statue and surrounding shrubs are some of the best spots to look at to determine the wear on the coin. Remember to look at the rim and text as well to make sure it is strong. Most of the Lincoln Memorial Cents will not bring a large premium unless there is some unique feature or error.

If one of your coins matches to one of the higher value coins in our Lincoln Memorial Cents Price Guide, then please contact an expert to have the coin authenticated and to submit for certification. Most of the coins listed under our price guide will only bring face value, though.