Value of America the Beautiful Quarters (2010-2021)

As a follow-up to the largely successful 50 State Quarters campaign, the United States Mint began releasing America the Beautiful (ATB) Quarters in 2010. Much like the previous state quarters, the ATB Quarters featured the most recognized National Park in each state. In total, there are 56 coins, which includes the territories, with five coins being released per year.

Unfortunately, there is a very small chance that your ATB quarter is going to be worth more than face value. These coins are just too common to expect higher numbers. However, if your coin is made of silver, then you can expect to get a multiple of face value. Most shops will normally offer eight to ten times face value for silver coinage. Unlike the state quarters, there are no known errors on the series. You may be asking yourself, “Why have I seen these designs online selling for upwards of $500?” Well, the United States Mint is producing a companion product called the 5 Ounce ATB rounds. These coins are much larger than a quarter, and contain five ounces of silver. Some are actually quite valuable. When photographed, these can look very similar to a quarter, so please don’t get confused.

At this time, we have no interest in purchasing ATB quarters as they are just too common. This includes bulk and individual. We hope this guide helps guide your collection and know its approximate value.