Value of 50 State Quarters (1999-2008)

The 50 State Quarters Coin program is considered to be the most successful coin campaign ever launched by the United States Mint.  To a certain degree the coins are kind of old news at this point.  However, when the state quarters were first released there was a tremendous amount of attention paid by the American public and the anticipation for the release of the next new state was unlike anything ever seen in coin collecting.

We often get asked what state quarters are worth now that some of them are getting close to twenty years old.  And the reality is that 99.9999% of state quarters are still just worth 25 cents and will likely always just be worth 25 cents.  However, there are two things to look out for; those are errors and proof silver quarter.  The silver quarters are still basically just worth their weight in silver.  However, some of the error quarters are quite valuable.  There are known valuable errors that exist for the state quarters from Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Delaware.

Our guide below has pictures, history, and probably the best information you will find on the internet about all 50 state quarters.  We would be interested in buying any legitimate error quarters.  However, we are not buying individual or rolls of regular strike state quarters.  We hope you will find our guide useful.  Thanks for checking it out.