Value of Roosevelt Dime (1946-Present)

Dubbed one of America’s most popular Presidents, the portrait of Franklin Roosevelt graces the obverse of the Roosevelt Dime. After his death in 1945, Roosevelt’s image was added to the United States coin to commemorate his service to this country. To add some value to your collection, look to collect Roosevelt Dimes that were minted in 1964 and prior. These coins will have a 90% silver content, equivalent to about $1.20 melt price. Any coin minted after 1964 is a copper clad coin that carries its face value. The Roosevelt Dimes are popular for having a large number of mis-struck coins. You will often see collector sets that include a blank dime planchet, a broad strike coin, and a normal strike coin. Because of the sheer number of those set, they are not worth a large amount. This coin design has stayed the same ever since 1946 and offers little variety for collectors. However, it is a nice, timeless look that is guaranteed to look good in any collection.

If you have a Roosevelt Dime that looks abnormal, or if you think you have found one of substantial value, please contact our experts to have your coin looked at. We are always interested in making offers on items that excite us!