Value of Peace Dollars (1921-1935)

Peace Silver Dollars were the last type of United States one dollar coins issued for regular circulation that had a composition of 90% silver.  So despite the fact that many years and mintmarks were issued by the millions, each Peace dollar still has a minimum value of about $15 just for its silver content alone.  Of course many Peace dollars can be worth more than that based on their condition.  None of the 24 varieties of Peace dollars are exceptionally rare.  In higher Mint State grades, the Peace dollar is a very attractive coin.  Add to that the fact that in comparison with other dollars of earlier types, a full set of all 24 varieties can be assembled at a reasonable cost.  That is why many new collectors and lower budget collectors love Peace dollars.  They present a lot of value for the cost.

When attempting to sell Peace dollars you want to pay close attention to the mintmark and condition.  The right combination of year, mintmark, and condition can make a $15 coin quickly turn into a $150 coin.  Click on the year and mint mark of your Peace dollar to learn more about how much it is worth and what you could sell it for in today’s active coin market.